Giving Thanks…to those Book Boyfriends Who Make Us Swoon


Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends/followers! I hope you all have a wonderful day with your family eating lots of turkey (or whatever). Be thankful for everything in your life ❤

I am thankful for you. For sticking with me since day one. 🙂

  Now today and I am going to give thanks to those wonderful book boyfriends who make me swoon ❤

10 Benton James Kessler

November 9 is still one of my favorites and when I think of an amazing book boyfriend, I think of Ben too. He was so sweet and who doesn’t love a guy aspiring to be a novelist? Plus, he’s such an adorable dork.

9. Sevro au Barca

sevroRed Rising | This guy is hilarious! Not only is he the best best friend, but he would be the greatest boyfriend and that’s why I choose him as one of mine 😉 Seriously, I dare you to read the Red Rising trilogy and dare you not to laugh at this goofball.

8. Julian Blackthorn

julianThe Dark Artifices | Jules, ah Jules. He has so much on his plate and just needs some good loving. Of course it would be ideal if it were from Emma, but I wouldn’t mind volunteering for the job 😉






7. Magiano

The Young Elites | Now I was definitely in love with Enzo from the beginning, but once Magiano stepped into our lives I was done for. He is swift, funny, a thief, luxurious, and just downright swoon-worthy. I shipped him and Adelina so hard!

6. Niklas Malikov

Illuminae Files | This is a new addition since I read Gemina. Oh jeez, Nik made me swoon. I love his flirting and his loyalty. Can I have him please?

I am in desperate need of some fanart of this beautiful guy!

5. Khalid Ibn al-rashid

The Wrath and the Dawn | Again, where is the fanart?! I want to see this beautiful soul in picture form! But agh, I continue to want ot reread this book just so I can get another dose of Khalid. He is so broken. He has some great development. Trust me. You’ll swoon too I promise.

4. Dorian Havilliard

dorianhThrone of Glass | How many of you are surprised by this? I am pretty sure you can predict which ones are going to come up next too. But anyway! Dorian is a precious cupcake. Protect him at all costs!!!

He has some great character development too. I love watching him get a grip on his powers and really come into his own. The only thing I am not too fond of is his ridiculous pairing with Manon. I hate this and he deserves more. Not just some random pairing that came out of left field. Blah.

Oh well. I will still swoon ❤

3. William Herondale

willhThe Infernal Devices | Hello William ❤ Oh man oh man. We all swoon over Will, don’t we?

I definitely can’t help but love this beautiful tortured soul.

Plus, black hair, blue eyes? My weakness.





2. James Alexander Malcolm Fraser


I am just going to leave this here….

1. Rhysand

rhysrhyss rhysss

Siiiiigh. Rhysand. I don’t need to say anything more, I’m sure.


There you have it!

Who are you thankful for?

thanks for reading! until next time xxoo


10 Books I Am Most Thankful For This Year


This week’s Top 10 Tuesday is Thanksgiving related and a freebie. So I thought it was a perfect time to showcase some of the my most loved books that I am thankful for this year. I am keeping it within books that i read this year. Because if I use all books, I am going to become repetitive and I am sure most of you can predict what books I’d use!

TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Please check out their page for future topics.

morehappy  IEWU morningstar

Okay first up are 3 books that had me sobbing. More Happy than Not is such an emotional, dark book. I didn’t expect to be punched in the gut with this book, but it was fabulous. Adam Silvera is the author to look out for. His storytelling was captivating. As for It Ends with Usoh my god guys heart ripped out and shredded to pieces. This book was too much agony. I couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t get it out of my mind for at least two weeks. Morning Star was a great finale. Sobbing because it was over and beautifully written. Praise Pierce Brown ❤

thissavagesong  A Darker Shade final for Irene  hp7-hallows-duddle

Yes, the lovely Victoria Scwab gets featured twice because that’s how much I love her writing and her word building. ADSOM was my first read and I can’t wait to read more because she has some of the most wonderful characters! They are all my babies! Protect them at all costs! Yes, I can also include Harry Potter because I finally read it after all this time. It definitely lives up to the hype.

Illuminae Ray V6FrontOnlyA2A_V3.indd fallingkingdoms ACOMAF

So many great worlds and characters! Plus, hello Rhysand ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Oh, and Magnus?! Yes please!

Last but not least,


Perfect ending to a perfect duology 😀

What books are you thankful for?

until next time xxoo

Top 10 Rom-Coms That Make Me Gush


Hi hey hello! Happy Tuesday, my lovelies 😀 I hope your week is off to a good start.

I am so excited for this week’s theme. I love gushy movies!

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Book and the Bookish (please check out their post for future topics).

This week is: Movie Freebie — top ten all time favorite movies, top ten foreign films, top ten rom-coms, top ten 90’s movies, top ten action flicks, top ten tear-jerkers, top ten movies your favorite actor/actress is in, top ten movies with PoC leads, etc. etc.)

My choice: top 10 rom-coms

leapyear legally_blonde prettyinpink

I know Pretty in Pink is a little old, but oh my god it is my favorite 80s movie! I used to watch this all the time. Ducky is the absolute cutest and I would have totally chose him 😉

Plus, I used to swoon over Matt Goode in Leap Year! 🙂

clueless  Style: "9142_LA_Disney_The_Proposal_Light_Test_01"27

Can’t have a romcom list without the classic Clueless right? 😉

howtoloseaguys shesallthat madeofhonor

Favorites favorites favorites! The endings of these movies always made me so happy 😀

And last and definitely my all time favorite romcom!!



I watch this every single time it is on tv even though I own the dvd and can watch without commercials. It’s just so cute and gushy!

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot The Wedding Planner!! 😩😩😩 

Well those are some of my favorites! What are you favorite romcoms? What movie do you watch to cheer you up?

until next time xxoo

Top 10 Books Added to My TBR


Hello, hi, yes I am finally doing a TTT. If you don’t know, Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Please refer to their blog for future topics.

This week’s topic was 10 books recently added to your TBR. Now we are all crushing under the weight of our TBR so why not showcase the newest additions? Easy enough right 😉

Here are mine (click each photo to add to Goodreads):

alexeliza roseblood  bonewitch

thegraces  thesunisastar lovetohateme

mlwarcross  gildedcage  badmommy



My lovely friend, Sierra Abrams is self-publishing this book and I literally cannot wait until it’s in my hands! If you didn’t see my post about the synopsis reveal, please check it out here and don’t forget to add this on goodreads too!

Plus Rose Blood is a Phantom of the Opera retelling? Oh Gods, yes please!
And Marie Lu? I needed this yesterday thanks! Especially since The Young Elites is over and it broke my heart. I’ve heard so many mixed/negative reviews over The Graces but I am so curious! Especially because it keeps getting compared to Twlight (lol).

Well there you have it! My recent adds. See any that you are excited for too?
Or you could always twist my arm into adding way more to my TBR, what are YOURS? *wink wink*

until next time! xxoo 

Top 10 TV Shows That Captured My Heart


Hi hi hi! I couldn’t pass up this week’s theme for TTT! I love TV shows Besides books, I am addicted to tv and I have so many favorites that I can’t wait to showcase!

Top 10 Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

So this week’s theme is dedicated to TV and here are some of my absolute favorite TV shows that captured my heart and won’t let go anytime soon.

Gilmore Girls


Gilmore Girls has been one of my favorite shows since it started airing way back when. I feel like I grew with Rory and Lorelai. I don’t even know how many times I have watched this whole show. At least 6 or 7 times. I literally cannot wait until Netflix releases the new episodes. I think I cried a few times when I see new set photos! I AM SO EXCITED!



I mean…obviously. You guys already know my obsession with Outlander ❤



I love all the DC shows on the CW, but Arrow especially. Arrow and Oliver Queen are bae

I wasn’t a fan of the last season too much, but I can’t wait for new episodes.

The Flash


Oh Barry Allen ❤ this show is so addiciting, right? If you aren’t watching this show you need to asap. While you’re at it, watch Arrow too 🙂

Orphan Black


This is a recent binge watch for me, but I am so addicted. I am in love with all these characters! I love Sarah, Cosima, Helena, Felix! and just everyone! I am so sad that the next season is the last!

Black Sails


Oh my god guys. This. Show. After watching this, I can’t even look at Pirates of the Caribbean the same again.

Game of Thrones


I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like this show?

The Walking Dead


Waiting for the new season has become unbearable. Even though I don’t want to know who Negan got (because comics) I am dreading it and excited all at the same time!

Criminal Minds


I really don’t know how I am going to like the next season because two of our original BAU members left 😥 my heart is so heavy but I am such a sucker for Reid. Who isn’t though right?

I mean look at that face!




Who else finds these breaks between seasons just ridiculous!? 😥 I am dying here!

I have way more shows that I am in love with but these are must-watch for me, like immediately!

What are some of your favorite shows?

What’s a new fall release show that you are excited for?

What show have you recently binged?

until next time,