Paper Hearts by Ali Novak

Title: Paper Hearts

Author: Ali Novak

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Series: The Heartbreakers Chronicles #2

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Pages: 384

Release: July 4, 2017

-I’m sorry, – he said, slowly untying the ribbon that held his mask in place. -It’s just-I didn’t want you to think of me any differently.-

Somehow I kept my mouth from falling open. I knew his face, but my mind couldn’t accept that he was the person looking down at me.

-My real name is Alec.-

Felicity has her entire future planned. Ever since her older sister ran away, she’s had the full weight of her mother’s expectations on her shoulders. So she works hard to get straight As and save for college.

Except sometimes the best things in life are unplanned-like when Felicity meets a handsome, masked stranger while she is volunteering at a charity masquerade ball. She never thought he’d flirt with her. And she certainly never thought he’d turn out to be a member of the world-famous Heartbreakers band, Alec.

Then Felicity uncovers a shocking family secret. Suddenly, she, Alec, and her two best friends are off on a road trip to find Felicity’s missing sister. And she’s about to discover that unexpected turns have a peculiar way of landing her right where she needs to be…

Now I don’t know if it really made a difference to read the first book or not (because I didn’t), but I didn’t care for this book much. It brings me pain to have to DNF this book. I remember reading her other book, the Walter boys and loving it (at the time) so I figured i would enjoy this book as well being that it’s supposed to be cute and fluffy, however what I got was a slow, dragged plot and no real substance.

Felicity is volunteering at a masquerade ball when she meets a cute guy who ends up being a member of one of her favorite bands. Dream come true right? Even better? He offers to drive her on a road trip to find her missing sister that she hasn’t seen in about four years. Now I can get behind this cliched plot, sure. But if the plot doesn’t give me something with more flavor it’s guaranteed I will lose interest. Fast. This is exactly what happened with Paper Hearts. I enjoyed Alec because he seemed so shy and sweet, but I just couldn’t get into the story enough to enjoy it more. Felicity was too worried about money and just seemed like a dud. When she finds missing letters from her sister under her mother’s bed she still insists that her mother wouldn’t hide letters from her! Sweetie, the evidence is right there. How did they get there then?

As for her friends, Boomer and Asha, I couldn’t even tell you anything redeeming about them. Boomer is a 17 year old boy who sat around playing pokemon the whole time and Asha just fangirled over Alec to the point of embarrassment. I know these are teens, but I think maybe I am just over these types of stories because I couldn’t help being annoyed? In fact, I was disappointed when Asha and Boomer invited themselves to go on the road trip with Felicity and Alec. I would have much rather have it just be the two of them so I could have felt more attachment to them. However, I was bored.

Overall, this book just wasn’t for me. I know many others will probably like it, especially those who liked the first book. However, either I wasn’t in the right mood for this type of book or I am just not the intended audience anymore. 
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.


2 thoughts on “Paper Hearts by Ali Novak

  1. ravenblake99 says:

    Great Review! I’m sorry this turns out to be a boring read for you . I liked the first book in the heartbreakers chronicles but I haven’t read the second book yet. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews on this book which made me lost interest in it. After reading your thoughts i think I wouldn’t enjoy it much either. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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