February Wrap Up ’17


February was a pretty good month for me. I read a few audio books, graphic novels, and eARCs. A pretty good mixture I’d say.


fangirlrr  everythingleads  inexplicable


  • Fangirl | 3 stars – This book was good, but the plot was too slow for me. It’s very much character driven but I kept zoning out a few times. Also I don’t remeber if I included this in my wrap up last month? I finished it at the beginning of February but I don’t remember.
  • Everything Leads to You | 4 stars – This book was all kinds of cute! I loved it.
  • Aristotle and Dante | 4 stars – I am glad I finally picked up this book! I am so in love with Ari and Dante!
  • The Inexplicable Logic of My Life | 3 stars – After some thought I realized I had a few problems with this book and had to drop my rating to 3 stars. Though I still very much liked the story and the characters, there was too many stereotypes and offensive sentences. They bothered while reading and I failed to mention them in my review. I updated my review so if you’re interested, you can read it here.
  • The Bone Witch | DNF – I forgot to picture this book because I ended up having to DNF it. I didn’t finish this book because I was too confused and it was too slow to keep my interest. I am bummed. You can read my review here

The audio books

cityofglass  13reasonstherunawayqueen

  • City of Glass | 5 stars – reread and I loved it!
  • 13 Reasons Why | 2 stars – I didn’t like this book. I don’t even know why Hannah included Clay in her little tapes game. Oh well, I just wanted to read it before the tv show.
  • The Runaway Queen | 1 star – oof this was also a reread and I only listened to it because I don’t remember much about the bane chronicles. But listening through this I quickly remembered why I didn’t like this novella lol. It was just so boring. The novellas that included TID were my favorite and I should have just listened to those instead. But this was narrated by Athelstan from Vikings so I am not completely complaining 😉

The graphic novels

nimona msmarvelv1 irl

Nimona | 4 stars – SO CUTE! I loved the story and the artwork!

Ms Marvel Vol 1 | 4 stars – OH MY GOD THIS WAS FANTASTIC!  I loved that Ms. Marvel is a Muslim teen and this it’s fantastic that she is included. I can’t wait to read more because I am ashamed how behind I am.

In Real Life | 3 stars – this was cute. I enjoyed the artwork but I felt like the plot was a little flat. The ending was too quickly resolved. Which I guess is okay considering it;s a graphic novel but I don’t know. Still entertaining though.

the Poetry


I absolutely loved the little doodles that went with some poems and thought they added a special touch. However, some poems didn’t really scream original to me. Some were just a small sentence of things that I’ve seen quotes twitters tweet over and over. But I still really liked this poetry collection and can’t wait to read more.


Well there you have it. What was your favorite book in feb? have you read any of these books before? lets discuss xxoo



5 thoughts on “February Wrap Up ’17

  1. Aldii says:

    I still haven’t written my wrap up but I’ll post it tomorrow. So happy for those 5 stars for City of Glass as well as I’m happy to hear you loved Ari and Dante.
    Milk and Honey has been EVERYWHERE and I have been wanting to get into poetry and I just want to read it, though I would have to wait for it to be in Spanish and sometimes poetry is not the same when it’s translated. Maybe I should try reading it in English but it scares me a little!
    Hope you have a great March!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dee @ the Bookish Khaleesi says:

      Can’t wait to read it, Aldii! Yes City of Glass is even better the second time around. I really enjoyed reading this series again.
      I got Milk and Honey for the exact same reason. I kept seeing it everywhere and I just had to get it. I want to read more poetry too. I guess you can try reading the English. Most of the poems were really short too…idk if that will be a problem for you?
      Have a great March to you too!!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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