Giving Thanks…to those Book Boyfriends Who Make Us Swoon


Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends/followers! I hope you all have a wonderful day with your family eating lots of turkey (or whatever). Be thankful for everything in your life ❤

I am thankful for you. For sticking with me since day one. 🙂

  Now today and I am going to give thanks to those wonderful book boyfriends who make me swoon ❤

10 Benton James Kessler

November 9 is still one of my favorites and when I think of an amazing book boyfriend, I think of Ben too. He was so sweet and who doesn’t love a guy aspiring to be a novelist? Plus, he’s such an adorable dork.

9. Sevro au Barca

sevroRed Rising | This guy is hilarious! Not only is he the best best friend, but he would be the greatest boyfriend and that’s why I choose him as one of mine 😉 Seriously, I dare you to read the Red Rising trilogy and dare you not to laugh at this goofball.

8. Julian Blackthorn

julianThe Dark Artifices | Jules, ah Jules. He has so much on his plate and just needs some good loving. Of course it would be ideal if it were from Emma, but I wouldn’t mind volunteering for the job 😉






7. Magiano

The Young Elites | Now I was definitely in love with Enzo from the beginning, but once Magiano stepped into our lives I was done for. He is swift, funny, a thief, luxurious, and just downright swoon-worthy. I shipped him and Adelina so hard!

6. Niklas Malikov

Illuminae Files | This is a new addition since I read Gemina. Oh jeez, Nik made me swoon. I love his flirting and his loyalty. Can I have him please?

I am in desperate need of some fanart of this beautiful guy!

5. Khalid Ibn al-rashid

The Wrath and the Dawn | Again, where is the fanart?! I want to see this beautiful soul in picture form! But agh, I continue to want ot reread this book just so I can get another dose of Khalid. He is so broken. He has some great development. Trust me. You’ll swoon too I promise.

4. Dorian Havilliard

dorianhThrone of Glass | How many of you are surprised by this? I am pretty sure you can predict which ones are going to come up next too. But anyway! Dorian is a precious cupcake. Protect him at all costs!!!

He has some great character development too. I love watching him get a grip on his powers and really come into his own. The only thing I am not too fond of is his ridiculous pairing with Manon. I hate this and he deserves more. Not just some random pairing that came out of left field. Blah.

Oh well. I will still swoon ❤

3. William Herondale

willhThe Infernal Devices | Hello William ❤ Oh man oh man. We all swoon over Will, don’t we?

I definitely can’t help but love this beautiful tortured soul.

Plus, black hair, blue eyes? My weakness.





2. James Alexander Malcolm Fraser


I am just going to leave this here….

1. Rhysand

rhysrhyss rhysss

Siiiiigh. Rhysand. I don’t need to say anything more, I’m sure.


There you have it!

Who are you thankful for?

thanks for reading! until next time xxoo


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