WWW Wednesday | August 31


Well hello hello! I am back today finally doing a WWW Wednesday! I sort of retired the meme here on my blog because it was starting to feel repetitive and I had had plans to start sprucing things up and making different posts…well that didn’t work out. Like at all. I fell into a  bit of a  blogging slump so I decided to just take a little break and only come back when I actually had something I wanted to do. At least until I felt comfortable coming back. Well this week I felt it was time! So I am picking this meme back up because I liked sharing my weekly progress. I doubt each week will be long because it’s been taking me longer to read lately. So forgive me.

Now, you know the drill!

the w’s

What have you recently finished reading?

What are you currently reading?

What do you plan on reading next?


I am going to show a few of my favorites read that I finished (since I’ve been gone forever).

gameonms  psilikeyou  morningstar   harry-potter-and-the-cursed-child  IEWU

Has anyone else finished The Cursed Child? I’d love to talk about it! I was slightly disappointed but still really enjoyed it. I fell absolutely in love with Scorpius Malfoy. I think he is my new favorite character! ❤

Also, I am in a huge contemporary mood right now after finishing It Ends With Us. Ohmygod. 😥


wheninromeSynopsis (from GR):

 Rory Hartnett has sworn off love, so boys will not be a distraction on her six-week study abroad trip to Rome. She has her plate full dealing with her anxiety in a foreign country, making new friends to explore the city with, taking classes, and applying for an internship at a travel e-zine. But when she meets the cute artist sharing her eccentric host mother’s lodging, all bets are off.
Fall in love with the first in a brand new series about four girls finding themselves—and maybe love—in the city of fountains. If you loved Anna and the French Kiss or Love & Gelato, you won’t want to miss this sweet New Adult series from new romance author Lena Mae Hill.

I received an eARC copy of this novel via Netgalley!



Seeing as I am still in a contemporary mood, I plan on reading Play On by Michelle Smith next. This is the first book in the Lewis Creek series that I had skipped when I read the sequel, Game On. I can’t wait to start this novel! Hopefully it will conclude my contemporary mood because I have Nevernight and This Savage Song waiting on my shelf patiently for me to begin.




Well that concludes this week on my reading progress!

What is your most recent favorite read?

What are you currently reading?

Have you read The Cursed Child?

Do you ship Scorbus, as I do?

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday | August 31

  1. faithrivens says:

    Scorpius was definitely the best part of HPCC! It was a nostalgic read, but definitely flawed. I delighted in the opportunity to return to Hogwarts & rather loved the portion when my favourite potions master made an appearance! I’m still hoping for a new novel. And yes Albus&Scorpius makes much more sense. There was no Rose at all in it ;P
    Happy Reading 🙂

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