T5W: Fictional Items I Want


Hello! Here I am again finally doing a T5W! I really liked this topic so I couldn’t pass it up.

Top 5 Wednesday is a group/meme created by Gingerreadslainey from booktube. You can check the Goodreads group for future topics.

This week’s topic is fictional items that you want. So since I want pretty much everything from every book I read, this may be hard to narrow down! But let’s get to it!

5. Witchlight – The Shadowhunters Chronicles


This scene is one of my favorites where Jace gives Clary her first Witchlight and I just want one too! They are so much cooler than a flashlight!

4. Pensieve -Harry Potter


Some of my favorite parts to read were the memories through the Pensieve. I just think having a way revisit memories this vividly is exciting. We can’t always remember memories as well as they happen and you can preserve them to relive.

3. Morozova’s Stag amplifier – Grisha


The minute we learned about the amplifiers and Alina’s Morozova’s stag I wanted it for myself! The amplifiers are a cool concept for our Grisha. Where’s mine? And where’s my kefta too?

2. Stele – The Shadowhunters Chronicles


I just really want to be a Shadowhunter, okay? 😥

1. Wand – Harry Potter

harryswand.gifAnd A WIZARD! 😥

Well that’s a wrap. I really tried not to make my whole list all Harry Potter or Shadowhunters because I totally could have. I want so much from both of those series because they are both my favorite.

What fictional item do you really want?

Until next time,
dee (2)


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