Top 5 Books I’m Thankful For

So I think I am just going to end up doing two posts on Wednesdays because I like WWW to update what I have been reading and the Top 5 because it’s fun and well..why not?

T5W is a weekly meme created by Gingerreadslainey from YouTube. You can joined the Goodreads group and check out future topics here.

I know yesterday I did the top 10 authors I am thankful for so today’s T5W works out great because now it’s books!

So, I’ll get started and will probably have a hard time choosing just five.

As always, in no particular order…

1. The Hunger Games


Anyone surprised this made the list? I didn’t think so.

2. Percy Jackson & The Olympians


I have to include these because they were just fantastic. I loved the humor,  adventure, Greek mythology, and characters. I had a ball reading these books.

3.  The Wrath and The Dawn


This is such a great retelling and I love the world and romance. I have never read A Thousand and One Nights but this makes me want to!

4. The Young Elites


God bless, Marie for writing an antihero fantasy novel ❤

5. Throne of Glass


I am sorry. I feel like my blog has become the Throne of Glass/SJM promotion page or something and you guys are tired of me talking about it but, can you blame me?! It’s fantastic.

Also, I tried to think of other genres to include such as Adult Fiction, Sci-Fi but none of them make me as happy as these books. So sorry!

Anyway, there you have it! All my fantasy reads that hold a special place in my heart ❤

What are your top 5 books?


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