The Reluctant Sacrifice by Kerr-Ann Dempster

26063382The Reluctant Sacrifice
Author: Kerr-Ann Dempster
Published: August 17, 2015
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Pages: 263 (Kindle Edition)
Read in: August 2015


Centuries ago, sibling rivalry tore Aramith apart. As punishment, the losers were stripped of their immortal birthright and banished to Earth. There, they wasted away from old age and diseases. However, there is hope…

If a Shaw child, born on the 12th day of the 12th month offers her soul in a public sacrifice, then the exiles will be forgiven and welcomed home to Aramith.

Aubrey Shaw is that child, but dying for the exiles is not on her to-do list. Using her gift as a Jumper, Aubrey leaps between bodies to escape relentless shape-shifting hunters. Only, shedding her skin is not enough. Not when Joshua, her best-friend-turned-hunter, is hell-bent on dragging her to the altar.

Will Aubrey’s love for Joshua change his mind?

Or, will she have to trust the scarred stranger who shows up out of the blue cloaked in lies and secrets? Doing so means giving up on Joshua. But betting on Joshua’s love could do more than break her heart.

It could kill her.

My Reaction:

*I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review*

First off, I will say I genuinely enjoyed reading this book. It was a light YA Paranormal novel and exactly what I was in the mood for. I quickly fell into the story with ease and couldn’t put it down. This wasn’t your typical Paranormal novel about vampires or werewolves. It is something unique and still so intriguing. After every chapter, I was craving more. Dempster’s writing flowed quite effortlessly and I loved the voice she gave to her main character, Aubrey Shaw. What I liked most was the witty dialogue between her characters. Aubrey has the right amount of snark that makes you love her because she’s just a normal girl in a not so normal situation.

Now that I am talking about Aubrey, I’ll just get into the characters. Aubrey Shaw is the main character and the story is told her from her voice and I was so happy for it. She has spent majority of her life running from the Hawk Unit who want to sacrifice her to Celo in hopes that the exile Aramithians will be restored their immortal birthright and I have to say, I felt for this girl. To have so many people wanting to drain your blood on an altar so that they can live? Poor girl. Even her first love was ready to turn her in. However. I give her props for trying to make somewhat of a life for herself under the unfornatunate circumstances. She enrolls herself in school and finds herself a best friend in Tessa. I loved her friendship. I loved their witty comebacks and how deeply they really did care for each other. Tessa was one of my favorite characters because she was just a typical high school girl worrying about silly things any other normal teenage girl would worry about. I really enjoyed all the Supernatural talk and their sleep overs marathoning the show.

In addition, I really enjoyed Aubrey’s constant love for Joshua even when he was a complete jerk. I liked that even though Joshua moved on and did the unforgiveable by being with Aubrey’s witch of a sister Morgan, that she still had love for him because he was her first love. This was realistic and it’s not always easy for girls to just see what’s in front of them and move on quickly. They hold onto hope and that’s what Aubrey was trying to deal with, letting go of her past and accepting that she couldn’t go back she could only go forward.

On the other hand, Coy was my absolute favorite character! I thought it was so cute that his name was short for McCoy from Star Trek and he wanted to take Aubrey to a convention for the show. He was just adorable and I fell hard for him the second he showed up in the coffee shop. Aubrey and Coy had a slow and steady connection that grew over time. I am so glad it wasn’t instant love because this worked out much better. She had to let go of her love for Josh to really appreciate Coy and that her well-being was what Coy really cared about. I shipped these two!

For the most part, I really enjoyed reading this book. It had a lot of action and was fast-paced. I wasn’t bored one second while reading it because I was so invested and wanted to know what happened next. However, I thought it was too short. I wished it would have been longer and had included more details about the exiles and the rebellion. I feel like we only scratched the surface and there is so much more to be said.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and I am glad to have been given the chance!

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